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The best organic honey in Iran

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The best organic honey in Iran

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Best Honey Iran – Orazan Green Farm Knowledge Base has been active in the field of advanced beekeeping and production of natural and virgin honey for many years and has been supplying its range of organic beekeeping products to all prestigious organic stores in the country for the past few years. .

Managing Director of Tahmasebi Engineer Company is a master of food engineering (holds patent for the first honey based beverage with registration number: 1) and is active in research and branding of honey. And is the chief marketing officer of Ghorbanpur Engineer Company, with over 5 years of management experience at the most prestigious food processing plant.

Mohammad Reza Tahmasebi, CEO of Orazan Green Farm Company, which marketed its products under the brand name of Orazan, has been able to utilize the latest science and technology in the world and combine it with traditional beekeepers’ experiences and knowledge in the field and gather a highly experienced staff. And educated in this field, Orazan organic honey to become the most prominent brand of Iran’s best honey so that our beloved people no longer had trouble buying a natural organic honey first class and can easily buy it from reputable stores across Iran.

By exporting Eurasian honey to the Persian Gulf and several European and East Asian countries, the company was able to promote the Eurasian brand globally in the Qatar year, as well as at one of its exhibitions held in Qatar as one of its organic honey brands. Slow.

In field surveys conducted in Tehran and several other cities in Iran, the Orazan honey brand was chosen by the people as Iran’s best honey because of its persistence, creativity in packaging, persistence and quality, customer orientation and reasonable price.

The reason for the production of this product was generally to fill the vacuum of a reputable brand in the field of honey, with the help of God and the support of our beloved people of Iran.


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