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Iranian Honey History

Iranian Honey Fifty-six years ago in one of Egypt's three pyramids, an organic honey pot was discovered, an amazing Egyptian pyramid architecture that can hold some materials for years without spoiling it. They have written about the history of organic honey in Iranian Honey since the Achaemenid period. The Iranians became familiar with this astonishing ingredient and reasoned that at that time people in our country had less sugar and other sweeteners. This is because evidence has been obtained of the consumption of honey in Iran, otherwise it is possible that before the Achaemenid era, the Iranians were familiar with and...

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The best organic honey in Iran

Posted by: wp-admin in Category: Articles, Blog Best Honey Iran - Orazan Green Farm Knowledge Base has been active in the field of advanced beekeeping and production of natural and virgin honey for many years and has been supplying its range of organic beekeeping products to all prestigious organic stores in the country for the past few years. . Managing Director of Tahmasebi Engineer Company is a master of food engineering (holds patent for the first honey based beverage with registration number: 1) and is active in research and branding of honey. And is the chief marketing officer of Ghorbanpur Engineer Company,...

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