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بره موم ماده ای شگفت انگیز

بره موم ماده ای صمغی و چسبناک با بوی نسبتاً تند و مطبوع و رنگ قهوه‌ای مایل به سبز است که به رنگ گیاه مورد استفاده بستگی دارد که در دمای پایین سفت و سخت و در دمای بالا نرم و چسبندگی زیادی دارد. زنبور های عسل از این ماده برای جسباندن محل اتصال قاب های داخل کندو و مسدودکردن منافظ باز اطراف کندو، ضدعفونی و صیقلی کردن سطح شان‌ها استفاده می‌شود. زنبور های کارگر از شیره سلولی گلها، ساقه ها، جوانه ها، برگ ها و صمغ های تراوش شده تنه درختان این ماده را تولید میکنند. بره موم از ترکیب...

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Iranian Honey History

Iranian Honey Fifty-six years ago in one of Egypt's three pyramids, an organic honey pot was discovered, an amazing Egyptian pyramid architecture that can hold some materials for years without spoiling it. They have written about the history of organic honey in Iranian Honey since the Achaemenid period. The Iranians became familiar with this astonishing ingredient and reasoned that at that time people in our country had less sugar and other sweeteners. This is because evidence has been obtained of the consumption of honey in Iran, otherwise it is possible that before the Achaemenid era, the Iranians were familiar with and...

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Orazan Organic Honey from IRAN

Orazan Green Farm is a Organic Honey from IRAN knowledge based company, leading the production of pure and organic honeys from different geographical origin. The head manager is Mr.Tahmasbi who is deputy of Agricultural Resaerch Organization and educated in food science technology. This company is the leader of the market in producing honey of good quality and well-known distributer to all cities and chain stores of Organic Honey from IRAN. The Orazan Honey Products   Thyme This honey is collected from Organic Honey from IRAN medicinal plants of montainous regions by honeybees enhancement T joints pain Properties : infectious disease treatment, stomach tonic, stomach ulcer...

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